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A FREE step by step tutorial for beginners showing you how to build a blog using WordPress with no coding.

Build A Blog is an Easy Step by Step Course

Showing you how to build a blog by finding your niche, installing WordPress, adding the content and monetizing.

Your Niche

Guidance with the process of finding a niche (Your site's topic).

Setting up

Guidance on choosing your website name and where your website lives.

Adding Content

Guidance on how to choose your theme & how to write for the web.


Guidance on how to get your website out there & make money from it.

Our mission is to help you build an awesome blog

We want to show you that you can build a beautiful blog without any code.

Build A Website Featuring Kurt's Tutorials


You can access your tutorials on the go and from any device. Learn everywhere.

  • Access tutorials from within the site.
  • and get your tutorial via email.
  • Each tutorial contains tasks to action.
  • Interact & learn with other students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! If you want to know how to build a blog then this tutorial is for you.
Yes! We show you how to build a blog with no coding whatsoever. All you have to do is follow the easy, step by step instructions.
Yes, if you have a desire to learn! We show you what you need to know to get started!
This tutorial is for anyone regardless of their age. You are never to old to learn!
Yes! The beginner tutorial is and will always be free.

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