How to Activate the Capitec MasterCard SecureCode

By | 23rd August, 2013
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Activating the credit card ability of your Capitec Global One Card is easy as 1-2-3!

Once you have your Global One Card follow these steps:

  • Visit a Capitec Bank branch near you
  • Ask for the Credit Card ability of your card (Capitec Mastercard SecureCode)

What you will Receive:

  • A page with instructions on it

The instructions for activating the capitec mastercard securecode.

  • A code in an SMS (Keep this code safe as you will need it if you ever forget your Securecode)

SMS with the Mastercard securecode code.

Wait 24 hours after receiving the sms before following the instructions on the page

NB! If you try to activate your card before the 24 hour period is over you will render your code invalid and you will then have to restart the process.

Waited 24 hours? Now you may follow either option A or B on the page. I’ll be covering option A.

You need to answer 3 security questions for activation so have these ready:

  1. Your card expiry date (The date in the red rectangle below)
    1. Capitec Global One Card with Expiry Date Circled
  2. Your national ID number
  3. Your activation code which is in the SMS

Activation Page for the MasterCard SecureCode

  • Now enter your Card Number (NOT your account number) & email address
    • click next

Enter your card number and email address

  • Now you should read the terms & conditions
  • Once you’ve read it (Did you really read it? :P) you should be at the bottom of the page
    • Tick the ‘Accept’ box and click next

Accept the terms and conditions

  • Enter the name on your card exactly as it is, complete with uppercase
  • Select the expiry date of your card
  • Enter your National ID number
  • Type in the activation code you received in the SMS
    • Click Next

Enter the three requested items to verify your identity

  • Create your SecureCode
  • Create your personal greeting
    • Click next

Create your Mastercard SecureCode page 1

Create your mastercard securecode page 2

Well done! Your activation is complete.

Well done! You have activated your Global One Card’s credit card abilities and you are now ready to go online shopping! 😀

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If you forget your securecode you can visit again and follow the instructions to create a new securecode.

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How to Activate the Capitec MasterCard SecureCode
You need to visit a branch near you and ask for the Credit Card ability of your card to activate the capitec mastercard securecode.
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52 thoughts on “How to Activate the Capitec MasterCard SecureCode

  1. Kyle

    Thank you for this information. This was very helpful and worked exactly as described.

  2. Andre

    Hey man, went to capitec to get my card activated for online shopping but ive yet to receive a sms. how long did it take for you to recieve that sms with the code?

        1. Kurt Wyngaard Post author

          Great, remember to wait 24 hours before you follow the next step!

          1. Andre

            ive tried to activated the card now, its been 24 hours now since ive received that sms with the code. but every time i enter my name, ID, expiry date and security code and click next it tells me ti make sure that ive entered everything correct.

          2. Kurt Wyngaard Post author

            What was the problem?
            Did you manage to sort it out?

          3. Andre

            hey man, yes I did sort it out, I had to use the url on the printed page they gave me, I first clicked the one on your blog, but when I used the one they gave me it worked. It was abit different but sille me threw the page away so I cant look it up now. paypal is setup and working now and did some online shopping etc everything works 100% capitec is the best XD. many thanks for these tutorials!

        2. Innocent

          Kurt I happened to accidently delete the activation code … i dont know what to do i cant go to a branch because i am a minor……please help

          1. Kurt Wyngaard Post author

            Hi Innocent,

            There is no other way, but to visit a branch again. Ask your parents or a guardian to take you.

    1. finando

      hi Kurt how do I regester for a PayPal account I try to register on pay pall but my country don’t show up in the form

  3. nelly


    just entered the site and followed all instructions but wen I get to filling the asked questions it keeps on taking me back

    1. Kurt Wyngaard Post author

      Hi Nelly,

      Which questions are you referring to?
      Do you click the next button when you are done filling in all the questions?


    Hi there! My Capitac Acc is doing just fine!! I think it’s my PayPal! But who do I contact and say what? Because the number behind my card leave me on hold for a very long time!!! Please help!


    Hi there! I have been trying to enter my details and it kept on saying invalid until it said my account has been suspended! I have consulted the branch but they keep on re registering me for online shopping again and again! What do i do with a suspended account? I really really need your help! Thank you! KATLEGO

    1. Kurt Wyngaard Post author

      Hi Katlego,

      Is your PayPal account suspended or your Capitec card?
      If it is PayPal you need to contact them and if it is Capitec you will need to go into the branch and inform them of the problem.

  6. Tumelo


    This part “Enter the name on your card exactly as it is, complete with uppercase”

    For example, if name appears as “MR L SOMETHING”, do I enter it like it is “MR L SOMETHING”?


  7. Neels Tromp

    Will I be able to use then my card also for car rentals, like AVIS for example?

  8. Khonza

    Hi I have done all of the above as stated. but paypal still refuses to accept my card details and responds with “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.” I really need some help urgently.

  9. Abilio

    Thanks for the info, i have finally linked my card to paypal. All because of you, thank you very much, highly appreciated…:-)

    1. Kurt Wyngaard Post author

      I’m so glad it helped you! It’s my pleasure, Abilio! :)

  10. Lulu. Forrest

    Tx. The wwww.securecode.comz/capitecbank says page not found.

    1. Kurt Wyngaard Post author

      You’re welcome! :)
      Would it be better if I had a video tutorial as well?

  11. あきお

    does one really have to visit a branch to do all this because i hate going to the branches here. if i do go there then will it all be sorted out or do i still have to pull long hours to connect it to paypal.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mikenita,

      You just have to visit the branch to activate your secure code and get the intstructions.
      The rest of the procedure is done online and you do not need to do it in the branch.
      Connecting PayPal to your Capitec Global One Card is easy, just follow my instructions.

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