How to Activate the Capitec MasterCard SecureCode

By | 23rd August, 2013
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Activating the credit card ability of your Capitec Global One Card is easy as 1-2-3!

Once you have your Global One Card follow these steps:

  • Visit a Capitec Bank branch near you
  • Ask for the Credit Card ability of your card (Capitec Mastercard SecureCode)

What you will Receive:

  • A page with instructions on it

The instructions for activating the capitec mastercard securecode.

  • A code in an SMS (Keep this code safe as you will need it if you ever forget your Securecode)

SMS with the Mastercard securecode code.

Wait 24 hours after receiving the sms before following the instructions on the page

NB! If you try to activate your card before the 24 hour period is over you will render your code invalid and you will then have to restart the process.

Waited 24 hours? Now you may follow either option A or B on the page. I’ll be covering option A.

You need to answer 3 security questions for activation so have these ready:

  1. Your card expiry date (The date in the red rectangle below)
    1. Capitec Global One Card with Expiry Date Circled
  2. Your national ID number
  3. Your activation code which is in the SMS

Activation Page for the MasterCard SecureCode

  • Now enter your Card Number (NOT your account number) & email address
    • click next

Enter your card number and email address

  • Now you should read the terms & conditions
  • Once you’ve read it (Did you really read it? :P) you should be at the bottom of the page
    • Tick the ‘Accept’ box and click next

Accept the terms and conditions

  • Enter the name on your card exactly as it is, complete with uppercase
  • Select the expiry date of your card
  • Enter your National ID number
  • Type in the activation code you received in the SMS
    • Click Next

Enter the three requested items to verify your identity

  • Create your SecureCode
  • Create your personal greeting
    • Click next

Create your Mastercard SecureCode page 1

Create your mastercard securecode page 2

Well done! Your activation is complete.

Well done! You have activated your Global One Card’s credit card abilities and you are now ready to go online shopping! :D

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If you forget your securecode you can visit again and follow the instructions to create a new securecode.

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How to Activate the Capitec MasterCard SecureCode
You need to visit a branch near you and ask for the Credit Card ability of your card to activate the capitec mastercard securecode.
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